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PLASTIMO antifouling

PLASTIMO antifouling
PLASTIMO antifouling

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PLASTIMO antifouling is a marine antifouling paint that 
is applied to the submerged part of the hull of the boat. The self-polishing matrix fights against the proliferation of algae & shells for better glide

2,5 Liters Of very good quality, this antifouling is suitable for most boat hulls: polyester, wood, aluminum and steel, it offers adhesion and long protection even in extremely dirty navigation areas. For moorings with strong sea currents, or sailboats or speedboats that run aground, PLASTIMO Racing antifouling is a very good choice ensuring you always have a clean hull.

Regatta sailors and motor boat speed enthusiasts will appreciate its bright colors and its very good glide.

Technical characteristics of PLASTIMO Racing + antifouling:

Packaging: 2,5L

Colours: white, navy or black

Matrix: self-polishing

Very high performance, good compatibility for sailboats and speedboats of less than 40 knots

For all types of shell (including wood, aluminium, polyester, aluminium, etc.)

Suitable for extremely dirty area

Suitable for beaching

Good compatibility with other antifoulings

Covering power: 11.2 m² / L

Outdoor temperature for application: +5°C to 20°C

Waiting time between two layers: 2 h 30

Waiting time before launching: 4 hours


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